Beckett and Kay was formed in April 2002 by Peter Beckett and Richard Kay. They first met over ten years previously when working together at Kemp & Hawley, a firm of general practice Chartered Surveyors. It was at Kemp & Hawley where they were both involved in the leading case on valuation in dilapidations claims (Peter as the landlord’s valuer, and Richard as his trainee), Shortlands v Cargill.

Peter left Kemp & Hawley in 1997, setting up as a sole practitioner. Richard remained, staying through the merger with Stiles Harold Williams in 1998, after which time he became responsible for the day-to-day running of the London Property Management department. (Henrietta was still at school at this time, which only makes Peter and Richard feel old!)

After starting their partnership, Peter and Richard soon established the firm as industry leaders, appearing in cases such as Simmons v Dresden, Anstruther v Vidas, Bruntwood, Arrowdell, Sportelli, and Nailrile. Henrietta joined the firm as a trainee in 2012, qualified in 2015, and became a partner in 2016.

Much to his wife’s dismay, Peter is still hard at work but became a consultant to the firm in 2017. Richard, Henrietta and Peter are supported by a strong team of trainee surveyors, property managers and support staff.