Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the majority of disputes, there reaches a point where the parties need to explore alternative dispute resolution. This could be because both parties want to avoid Court entirely, and so elect to have their dispute determined and be bound by that determination, or because they are worried about cost consequences should they not try to resolve their dispute by other means.

The method of dispute resolution chosen is the choice of the parties, either at the time of the dispute or at the time of forming the contract (or lease). We have experience in attending mediations as advisors to parties, and in preparing expert witness submissions for third party expert determinations or arbitrations, as well as appearing as experts during in-person arbitration proceedings.

Henrietta, one of the Partners in the firm, is also an RICS Accredited Mediator, holds the RICS Diploma in Arbitration and is Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. She is able to accept appointments as a mediator (online or in-person) or arbitrator (documents-only or with a hearing required).

A copy of our complaints procedure for mediation instructions can be found here.